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Operational awareness to the rescue! the rescue

Operational awareness can make or break the bottom line. With Trust Endpoint Managed Security services, every business will have visibility to the key critical components that allow the team to mitigate concerns in a measurable way. Without access to the situational security aspects of business processes, teams find out the hard way, very quickly, how difficult it may be to navigate the digital footprint left behind by threat actors.

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Trust Endpoint Managed Security overview

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Tony Taylor, Managing Partner

The threat landscape is constantly evolving, are you prepared?

The threat landscape is in a state of constant evolution. The rapid development of new malware, constant identification of critical flaws in software, rise of more organized and highly complex cybercriminal organizations and the high value of corporate data all contribute to the challenges faced by IT security leaders working hard to build and maintain the integrity of their critical corporate resources. To stay ahead of the threats, cybersecurity professionals need to know what these hackers are after and understand the unique attack strategies that they employ as a result.

Fortinet’s CTAP: Threat Landscape Report takes a look at the overall threat environment and drills down into four key vertical industries. This summary of the CTAP: Threat Landscape Report provides a brief overview and some of the key findings to reveal details about the current state of the threat landscape and provide industry-specific insights into the malicious tools and unique strategies that hackers tailor to each vertical industry

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