E-Mail Security

E-mail Security Protection all via the Cloud.

The starting point? Seamless integration.

Trust Endpoint Secure Mail services work seamlessly with any on-premise or cloud-based email infrastructure - Office 365, Google Apps, Exchange, Lotus Domino, GroupWise, Zimbra, qmail, postfix, sendmail, and more. Features like Active Directory or LDAP synchronization allow simple, seamless integration.

Robust security and infrastructure

… and complete peace of mind around security
Trust Endpoint Secure Mail uses multiple geographically distributed data centers for both processing and storage of messages. Within the archive, messages are encrypted (via AES 256-bit encryption) and stored in read-only, tamperproof format with checksum technology used to validate message integrity. Secure protocols are used throughout the service - including enforced HTTPS, IMAPS, and TLS-based message delivery.

Effortless Office 365 Integration

An increasing number of organizations are migrating to Microsoft’s Office 365 platform, one which delivers tangible benefits for businesses. The downside to this solution however is that its native security and archiving capabilities are limited, and that’s a problem. What if something catastrophic were to happen? How would your business continue to operate? The good news is that Trust Endpoint Secure Mail provides an additional layer of security for Office 365, blocking threats before they reach a company’s mail, even if, as with Office 365, that email server is cloud-based. That’s reassuring, right?

Threat detection

Trust Endpoint Secure Mail Protection provides a unique combination of technologies to secure your customers' networks against email-borne threats, including zero-hour antivirus defense, virtualization-based malware detection technology and traditional signature-based antivirus engines. The result? Unrivalled malware defense. Even better, we back it with a service level agreement that guarantees 100% threat detection.

Meet compliance requirements

With Trust Endpoint MailArchive your customers can help ensure compliance with a wide variety of industry and government regulations by retaining their inbound, outbound, and internal email communications in a secure, tamperproof, read-only archive. Customizable retention policies allow for message storage for an appropriate duration, while audit-trail functionality enables them to prove that they’ve complied with applicable regulations. All helping to make sure that everyone’s covered in the event of any dispute.

Protect intellectual property

Organizations accumulate substantial intellectual property within their historical internal, inbound, and outbound email communications. Trust Endpoint MailArchive allows companies to easily secure that information with appropriate measures for governing and tracking access to those communications. In the event of a dispute the service provides a tamperproof record of who said what and when, along with a Legal Hold feature to flag certain messages for indefinite retention - so that when the time comes customers can confidently and quickly handle any needs involving their email communications.

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Spam defense

Stops junk mail in its tracks today.

Protect intellectual property

Organizations accumulate substantial intellectual property within their historical internal, inbound, and outbound email communications.

Meet compliance requirements

Helping you stay on the right side of the law